Rooftop In Style

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than going to a friend’s home with fireworks setting off in the backdrop? The décor, food and drinks to set the mood of course! This year we a

ll gathered at a friend house to celebrate the 4th, my favorite summer holiday, besides my birthday. What made it exceptional this year were all the festive red, white and blue food dishes, desserts, beverages and decorations. Well ok, being on a rooftop deck might have made it special because we had the best view of Seattle’s firework show! Some of my favorites were shiska-berries, which were strawberries, bananas, and blueberries on a stick, sprinkled red, white and blue star cookies, and flags hanging everywhere. All of these fun festive items were easy to make, well at least it looked like they were. I believe some of my friends were on Pinterest recently because the décor and theme was so creative. To top off the décor, most of us dressed in red, white and blue too! I think that by decorating a space for holidays really adds to the fun. I am now beginning to think of what creative DIY projects I can make for our next holiday get together… Because these decorations really put the Red, White and Blue in our 4th of July celebration!


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