My Dad, My Hero & His Retirement Party at Daniel’s Broiler

ImageDoin it big at Daniels Broiler in Bellevue for my Dad’s retirement party. The room was set up perfect, with awards and plaque set out as well as pictures of friends/coworkers in frames. Menus were set for a three course lunch and the speaker was leading the event giving people the chance to stand up and honor my father.

Jim Larson was a successful State Farm Agent in Bellevue for 29 years and retired in April, 2012. Although he had to retire under unusual health circumstances we couldn’t be more proud for the work he has done, awards he was won, friends he has created and life he has given our family. He is the biggest role model of my life and I am forever grateful for what he has taught me in the professional world and how he always told us to strive to be the best you can at what you do. If health wasn’t an issue he would still be driving to his office every day, serving his community and being a successful small business owner. I know he has set me up with the right tools to follow in his foot steps and know I will make his proud.


Tips for a great Party:

1. Bring awards, plaques, anything that recoginzize your loved ones achievements

2. Have friends and co-workers tell stories and fun facts about your guest of honor

3. Pick a place close to their office so most people can attend.

4. Usually lunch time (1-3-pm) is a good chance for people to leave the office for a couple hours or right after work for a Happy Hour (3-6pm)

5. Remember to take videos and photos for memories


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