DIY Terrarium

I LOVE terrariums. Not only do they require little effort to maintain but they are simple to make! I found the succulents, soil and rocks outside my house in Seattle and purchased the glass bowl/vase from World Market. You can find similar ones at Pottery Barn, Target, almost any glass bowl with work.

Step 1: Collect Materials- you can either buy at a planting store or gather outside your soil, succulents and rocks.

Step 2: Place rocks in your selected bowl. Enough to completely cover the bottom

Step 3: Then place potting soil over the rocks, about 6-8 inches.

Step 4: Plant succulents in the glass bowl make sure roots are fully covered and fill your bowl as little or as much as you would like!

Step 5: Sprinkle water over plants so all soil is moist

*Make sure to sprinkle water over plants every 3 days and if you place a lid on your plants keep an eye out for moisture. If you go to water your plant after 3 days and soil is still moist, wait a few days to water again.

Simple as that, now your house is more green.. until your plants die.. haha mine have been alive for 3 months so far, fingers crossed.


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