Wine Tasting in Chelan

What a perfect memorial and memorable weekend! We got a group of friends together and rented a house on Lake Chelan for the weekend. There are many activities to do during your stay in Chelan. This memorial weekend we stayed at a rental  house for the long weekend and had fun in the sun, on paddle boards, paddle boats, playing table tennis (or beer/wine pong) laying in the sun and popping bottles. Sunday we went left our house in a party bus to go wine tasting. We made it to three wineries:Karma, Tsillan Cellars and then Benson, probably some of the finest wine cellars we could of stopped at! What a perfect day to taste wine, and enjoy the scenic view in the sun.

I rate the wineries on their view not the wine, I loved the wine at every tasting room, some more than others but that’s why you get to try 3-5 types per winery!

Karma -Hosts special events such as weddings, has a an indoor cellar an excellent outdoor patio and a delicious menu. You are able to walk in the vineyards which is fun too. I would recommend eating here and trying their flight sample. (5 star view)

Tsillan-Great view, fun outdoor patio, large tasting room. (4 star view)

Benson– My ultimate favorite winery, mainly for the view. Outdoor music, outdoor tasting room and one of the best views I have seen. We ordered wine by the bottle and sat outside in the sun and listened to live music. (5 star view)

Other wineries I have been to and love:

  1. Wapato Point Cellars- Free Wine Tasting
  2. Vin De Luc- Free Wine Tasting, Great view on the hill
  3. Hard Row To Hoe- Great story on their name, cute retail store and outdoor sitting area with a great view spot for pictures

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