Are you a Twilight fan? Forks, WA

ForksThat is what a local asked us while bowling in Forks, WA. We all immediately said no, (which is true) and he liked us a little more than when we first walked in. The locals “hate” twilight tourists but we were there for their adventures, forest, beaches and sunsets. Some motels even have Twilight themed rooms.. talk about a little much.774171_10101734637963518_651549616_o

We left on Saturday AM, took the Ferry, stopped at Olympic Game Farm (a drive in zoo, basically. Which was awesome!) See a video here ://

On our way to Forks we drove past Lake Crescent. It happen to be completely still water. Literally picture perfect. We got to the Forks Motel and dropped off our bags and went to La Push/ Rialto Beach to the sunset!  See Sunset video here:

19110_10101735768467978_152735339_n549900_10101731632157178_1803433661_n2015_10101731898762898_380018276_nSaturday night we went to the bowling alley which is a 5 minute walk right behind the motel. Then Sunday AM we drove to the coast to see the beach/ have mimosa’s and hung out there for hours until we went home! Best weekend trip I have gone on in a while and by far the best sunset I have ever seen.


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