Blue Bird; Snow and 75 degrees?

Cindo de Mayo Weekend: Snow and 75 degrees? Yes..well we definitely got burnt! We packed our bags, packed our cooler, (mainly beer and cider) and were off to Mt. Baker for a day of snowshoeing followed by a weekend of camping. Lucky for us, it the perfect day for snow shoeing because it was so sunny, we didn’t even mind falling in the snow. We went out to Artist Point, which is a safe hike (since there were avalanche warnings) and some areas are are a pretty steep incline. If you’re looking for a fun day and exercise buy or rent some snow shoes and get out to Mt. Baker!

After snow shoeing, we drove to a nearby campsite, set up shop, watched the boys chop wood and had wine. On Cinco de Mayo we went Sailing on Lake Whatcom. Strongbow was our theme.


See hiking resources here:


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