Costa Costa


We started our adventure to Central America after Kyle’s graduation ceremony at WWU. We flew into San Jose, rented a car and begin our vacation! We were recommended to go hike Poas volcano, so we did! Since we were waiting for Laurel and Nicco to arrive, it was a great idea. At the top of the crater there is a sulfuric lake, which is one of the world’s most acidic lakes with clouded blue water. Hiking around to Lake Botos, we saw an inactive crater which is cold and clear. After our hike we were off to the airport to pick them up and then on our way to our first destination; La Fortuna which was about 3 hour drive.

La Fortuna: Rain

We arrived at night as it was pouring rain and checked into our jungle bungalow. Our first day was filled with activities. We rode horses to La Fortuna waterfall, where we hiked down and swam by the waterfall. At the bottom of this waterfall, was one of my favorite picturesque spots of the trip.

That afternoon we had a guided tour by Hector to the Arenal Volcano, where we hiked to the top (well the top where guides are allowed to go) and on our way down we went through the jungle and saw all sorts of creatures. Monkeys that threw poop, snakes that came out of nowhere and the Ceiba tree that was in Avatar.

After our hike, we left to the Tabacon hot springs, where we indulged in a dinner buffet, swam for hours and ended the night at the pool bar. These hot springs were like nothing I have seen before, natural thermal springs. The water flows by gravity thought the property which forms in rivers, pools, waterfalls and cascades with the bottom of the pools covered in nature, really-dirt, leaves and sand. We jumped from pool to pool, climbing over the rivers and up each ladder into new and different pools. We had so much fun that we came back the following morning on our way to our next region.

Monteverde: The cloud forest

The drive from Monteverde was insane, windy dirt roads for about 3 hours. Somewhere in between taking Dramamine and sleeping we stopped at The German Bakery which was recommended to us by Hector and it was amazing. We had giant sandwiches, chocolate and cappuccinos. Back on the road, we finally made it to our lodge in the cloud forest. That night we went to dinner in town at the Tree House which was literally in a tree. We had pizza (typical) and great blended drinks.

We woke up to a great breakfast served by the Cala Lodge

and went zip lining at Selvatura Park which has one of the longest canopy tours in Costa Rica. We went flying through 17 cable and 19 platforms, where some cables took us flying doubles for 1 whole minute, I was terrified. This adventure took around three hours and was amazing yet scary flying above the canopies. We also saw hummingbird gardens, reptile cages, and butterflies at Selvatura.

Tamarindo: Pure Vida

What a beautiful place. I love sunny beach vacations so when we showed up at Diria resort (the only resort on the waterfront) it was simply amazing. We upgraded to a beach from suite because, why not. Our room had views of the ocean and double doors to a patio with the ocean right in front of us. We rented surf boards, had pic-nics on the beach, drank from our patio and had couples massages outdoors, beachside.

The hotel serves a great breakfast, and for lunch we went to the market for fruit, avocados, bread and cheese. Manadarina, juice bar had a great selection of smoothies and fresh juice, which of course I love. We looked up a few places on trip advisor for dinner and our favorite was Pizzeria La Baula.

We ended our adventure by driving back to San Jose and flew out early the next morning. Costa Rica has to be on the friendliest places I have traveled to. Traveling to different regions made this experience so unique, I am glad we go to fully experience different cultures, climates, talk with the locals and explore different regions.

This adventure has inspired me to:



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