Seabrook, a beach town on the coast

After celebrating a duel birthday party for Lindsay and Tory in Seattle, we all arrived late Friday night for the birthday party weekend. Since we got in late, we had a late night bonfire in their community backyard. When I woke up on Saturday morning, I felt like I was in the Hampton’s. The buildings themselves were blueprinted off historic homes found in: Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, Oregon and parts of Washington. The back paths in between houses are layered with broken oyster shells, there are flowering trees, flower pots and sea grass tufts on every block. The houses have wrap around white wood porches and come with bicycles, a true coast feel.20130715-141809.jpg

Saturday we walked through town, to the market, got some beers and headed down to the beach. The market had local crafts, art work, vegetables, tons of activities for kids and these funny picture boards.


The main path will lead you across Hwy 109 down a larger path directly to the beach and ocean where the boys clearly had too much fun..20130715-141843.jpg

After the beach we had lunch at Mill 109 Restaurant and Pub.


The Bloody Marys were delicious, and I never say that! Just look at this deliciousness, bacon.


We did donuts on the beach on our way to Ocean Shores (the closest grocery store is in Ocean shores which is 35 minutes away, so plan ahead) Saturday evening we sat outside and enjoyed the surroundings in a rocking chair with wine then walked back to the beach to watch the sunset.20130715-141816.jpg

Seabrook is one of the nicest communities on the coast, the layout and community feel is no doubt why it’s been voted top 3 coastal town in Coastal Living three years in a row.



Perfect weekend, I suggest you book a cottage and spend some time here this summer!



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