Radiator Whiskey

20130725-145710.jpgIt’s all about the food and whiskey, well and the friendly staff and great cocktails too. It’s a quaint joint in the heart of the market. This cocktail bar is brought to you by Dan Bugge of Matt’s in the Market, featuring a market inspired menu.

We were here to drink and celebrate our friends Tory and Lindsay’s Birthdays! The bartenders (Lindsay and Chris) talked a good game and convinced us to go outside our norms of wine. Most of us ordered Bourbon Margaritas ($8), which were excellent, a punch bowl ($5), which was a very sweet drink, whiskey on the rocks, moonshine, or the classy Rainier tall boy and & shot ($7). The staff was very knowledgeable and personable, one of the girls even left her number 😉

For eats- if you like meat you have to try this place. They have fried beef lip, chicken liver, and even an entire pig head that you can take the leftovers home in a foil swan. The menu is very meat driven, so if that’s for you, try it all! I was SOL, but tried the tots with a fried egg on top, talk about delicious!

This is definitely a unique stop I recommend for anyone and everyone visiting Seattle and if you live here, get over there tonight!




Look what others are saying:

“Matt’s in the Market’s boozier neighbor. This seriously sweet boozer specialized in barrel-aged cocktails, aged spirits, booze hidden in books, and down-home vittles sided by bags of Fritos. In sum, it’s kind of the best place ever.”


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