1093814_581728232791_580635432_oThe Enchantments in Leavenworth, WA have to be one of the most natural beautiful places I have ever been. They are considered to be one of the best hikes in the state. If you are looking for a weekend hike, where you backpack, camp, swim, summit, and see some amazing views, animals, lakes, arch and granite everywhere, then you must plan to visit The Enchantments. There are five zones, each require a day pass or a permit for overnight camping.  The permits for overnight camping are given by lottery each year, you can check online for availability HERE, and plan early!


We had a pass to the Stuart Zone, which is 5 miles (elevation 5065) from the Stuart Lake Trailhead to first view of the lake. It starts out easy, in the cool forests, creeks and meadows before emerging in the forested basin, base of the lake with trees, and the 9415-foot peak Mt Stuart. At the shoreline there are plenty of sandy and grassy spots to stop and have lunch, as well as areas to camp.









At the end of the maintained Lake Stuart trail, you will jump onto a narrow trail of fallen logs, that blend into a marshy meadow. The trail really isn’t clear as to where you are going but we continued on until we ran into a tree studded with a metal horseshoe. The mark to turnoff to Horseshoe Lake begins the steep climb, through thick forests, narrow trails and the obstacle course over many fallen logs. After 1.5 miles, the trail becomes rocky until you are climbing over the ledge. At the top, you will be stunned, the most beautiful scenic site, Horseshoe lake. We were the only ones up here, set up camp and went for a swim!

The hike in took around 7 hours and out took around 5 hours (we had a big group and as many rest stops to enjoy the day). Keep a look out for the mosquitos and horse fly’s, they come out in the morning and night and are a pain!






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7 thoughts on “Enchanting

    • Hi, @Forrest!
      Thank you for noticing that, Healthandus is actually a co-shared blog with a friend of mine, so we did post some of the same pictures from our adventure to the Enchantments. Thank you so much for noticing, in the case that it was someone else, I would want to know!

      • Oh, ok. I pulled up WP Reader for hiking ideas in eastern Washington, read about one of my favorite places, and then a few entries down I started having deja vu… Glad my first instinct was wrong, though!

      • Oh, too funny! Yes, I wrote them both, hope you found some meaningful information about the Enchantments and thank you again for commenting!

      • I learned that you don’t have to turn left for Colchuck Lake, and that maybe you shouldn’t. I’ve never been to Stuart Lake, I assumed it wouldn’t be the best part of the area, and your photos convinced me that I need to go see it. 😀

  1. Oh for sure, Stuart Lake was great but what was even better was Horseshoe Lake. I was seriously amazed that we found it/ made it.. because it was difficult. But the view was amazing and completely worth it! Safe hiking and enjoy, we all hope to go back again soon!

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