Steel cut overnight blueberry oats

Overnight steel cut oats with chia topped with blueberries and cinnamon for breakfast! Blueberries have more antioxidants than any other fresh fruit, chia seeds have omega’s, fiber and protein while adding a dash of cinnamon can help with bacteria infections and help improve glucose and lipid levels. Diets that incorporate oats may decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity.
▫️Decrease heart disease risk with the soluble fiber in the oats.
▫️Diabetes prevention due to the low glycemic index helping control blood sugar.
▫️Blood pressure control with the compounds that can reduce blood pressure
▫️Weight loss due to the low glycemic index and controlling blood glucose levels.


What you need: *Makes 2 jars
1 mason jar
1 cup blueberries
1 cup steel cut oats
2 cups coconut milk
2 tsp chia seeds
dash of cinnamon

Get Makin:
For 1 jar, place 1/2 cup oats in mason jar, add 1 cup coconut milk, 1 tsp chia seed. Do the same for the other jar and place both in the refrigerator over night. In the morning open jars, add blueberries and cinnamon and enjoy!



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