Remembering a special man, my Dad. He passed away last year, today from a rare brain disease called CJD. 12.14, a day I will never forget.

“Heaven is truly beautiful, just wait and see. So live your life, laugh again, enjoy yourself, be free. Than I know every breath you take you’ll be taking one for me.” Thankful for my Mom, Lindsay, Emily, Little Kyle and Big Kyle for being truly the best Family and my friends, for being supportive when we need it most.


Sweet Pea glassybaby, CJD’s color as well as PanCan’s too. Thank you Kel, Chip and Nat 🙂




Blonde and black puppies for these babes.


KKK, so thankful for them. They have been by my side through it all and I cant thank them enough for their continued support.  Cheers to almond champagne, cheese and shopping bags on bags.


Love this photo collage Laurel made for me. These are the moments I want to remember forever and am so glad she has spent so much time with our family and knew him so well. Her friendship is what best friends are about, love you Loe! We got get coffee with the boys in the morning and then took Raider and Emmerson to the dog park, and later on made spritz cookies, a Jim tradition.




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