Lunchin’ in Seattle

We love lunching and finding new vegetarian restaurants in Seattle. The Veggie Grill redefines classic American comfort food with flavorful 100% plant based food. Everything here is free of meat, dairy eggs, saturated animal fat, cholesterol, antibiotics and trans fat, talk about awesome!

Chickin’ is made from organic & non-GMO soy beans, wheat and peas, their tempeh is made from organic non-GMO soybeans and fermented rice culture, sautéed and grilled. Later meat!

Veggie Grill by Healthandus

I had the Thai chickin’  salad with spicy Thai on the side and “Mac and cheese” (quinoa pasta and vegan cheese sauce) and was simply delicious. Its great that this is a healthy “chain restaurant”, gives us hope that more healthy plant based restaurants(fast foo) are coming. They are making an impact in sustainability and helping spread the word on craving vegetables and grains. Eat your way to health!

Eating vegetarian is the most sustainable way to eat for our planet and is a more efficient use of water, land and fossil fuels. Veggie grill, I support you.


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