Are you a Soda Jerk?

Soda Jerk 3

Yep! This company makes fresh soda and soda syrups made using seasonal, local, natural and organic ingredients. Their sodas are free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors colors or preservatives. Talk about the perfect mixer for a cocktail! Soda Jerk 2

Lavender Whiskey:

Add 1 shot Whiskey

1/4 cup Lemon Lavender Soda

Whiskey ice cubes

Lavender Mimosa:

1 glass Champagne

1/2 cup Lemon Lavender Soda

Soda Jerk Hobnail and Hairties

Lemon Lavender, Lime Cilantro Jalapeno or Watermelon Basil, sound like a thirst quencher to you? Talk about the use of fresh herbs and spices that make up the most unusual flavor combinations available. Some other flavors include: Blueberry Basil, Grapefruit Tarragon, Blackberry Cardamom, Cucumber Mint, and Tamarind Ginger. Can you imagine what their winter flavors will taste like? Heaven? we think so..

They have been selling these sodas at the best Fresh Markets around Seattle for a year now. Each market features new and different fun flavors. Their kickstarter for a truck was fulfilled in 2013 and now you can see this truck at local Farmers Markets.   


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