Grad parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties.. this summers got it all! If you are hosting any this events this summer and looking for quick some tips on hosting, think simple, classy and keep in mind the person you are celebrating. Pick colors, food and activities they like to do.

Grad Party:
For my sister’s College Graduation party we held a Mimosa bar (fitting, am I right?!) Her favorite color is silver so we kept the theme and decorations, silver, while and purple. Setting up a spot especially just for the mimosa bar really made her party fun. We set out different bowls with fruit, carafes with assorted juices, champagne glasses with drink sticks (that said “Cheers Grad!”) and a “how-to” sign, as if there are instructions on how to make a mimosa!

Grad Party Mimosa Bar


Hobnail and Hairties EventsIMG_0480IMG_0835

Bridal shower:

If you don’t have a big enough space to host at your house, think of a favorite local restaurant you could host a lunch at. We held my best friends Bridal shower at a Greek restaurant, and tried to spruce up the table as much as possible. I hand painted a few pots white and gold in a stripe or chevron pattern and planted succulents, to line the table. I got hobnail vases and placed orange flowers in each one. Added dried orange to each champagne glass to give it character and topped it off with drink stirrers that said “From Miss to Mrs”. We carried on her wedding colors by using white, gold, light pink, orange, and mint tones. Over the dessert and gift table, I hung a “bride sign” made from card stock, stencils, glitter and tissue paper for the fringe.

We had pizzas and wine for everyone, played a question game, where we asked her fiance questions and then she had to guess what he would say) and for each wrong answer she had to pop in a gum ball! After we walked along the beach and got some group photos.

EventsBridal showerBridal Shower table.IMG_1180IMG_0479

Bridal Shower Game


Bachelorette Party:

Of course going to Vegas and surprising the bride calls for a Hangover kit! Fill a party bag with balloons, gum, candy, band aids, pain reviler, decongestant, lip gloss, lip stain and mascara. I closed the bag with a circle tag that said “Last ride for the bride” and then used her bachelorette hashtag #latercox.20140723-112739-41259806.jpg


These are just a few fun party ideas you can easily add to make your events coming up unique and fun!



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