Banff is hands down on the top of my list of most beautiful places. We got very lucky with the weather over Memorial Day Weekend 15′ and had too much fun exploring, hiking, eating and enjoying ice cream!

If you are planning a trip to see the turquoise lake, go after mid May since all the ice melts and the lake turns very turquoise, just in time for the summer.

– Hike Sulfur mountain – hike up to the summit for some of the best views in town. You can even get ice cream cones on top!
– Hike Johnson’s canyon – Walk over narrow paths through the canyons. Its a popular hike, so go early in the morning to avoid crowds!

Lunch in Banff:
-Elk grill


Lake Louise:
Is about 30 minutes from Banff and a much smaller town with great restaurants & hikes.

To stay: Paradise Bungalows

To see:
-Lake Moraine
-Lake Louise – grab a drink at Fairmont

-Lake Louise lookout- right outside the fairmont you can go up a small hike for great views of the lake.

The tea house hike opens June 4th, we just missed it but would recommend checking it out!

To eat:
Breakfast at Trailhead cafe
Outpost Pub

Cant wait for MDW 2016 with this crew!


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